Care away from home

If you become ill or injured while traveling, you’re covered for urgent and emergency services anywhere in the world. Call the Consulting Nurse Service for help deciding where to get care and Member Services for details on your coverage.

Travel Advisory Service

Planning a trip outside the United States? Our Travel Advisory Service offers recommendations tailored to your travel. Nurses certified in travel health will advise you on any vaccines or medications you need based on your destination, activities, and medical history. The consultation is not a covered benefit and there is a fee for a Kaiser Permanente member using the service for the first time. Travel-related vaccinations and medications are usually not covered. Visit for more details.

While You're Traveling

Need care while traveling? Call Member Services at 1-877-832-9919. They can help you find the closest in-network care option, whether you're traveling within the United States or internationally. Note that virtual care could be limited outside of Washington state due to state laws that may prevent doctors from providing care across state lines. Laws differ by state.

Emergency and urgent care

If you need emergency care and are admitted to a non-network hospital, you or a family member must notify us within 24 hours or as soon as possible, after care begins, or as soon as is reasonably possible. Call the notification line listed on the back of your Kaiser Permanente member ID card to help make sure your claim is accepted. Keep receipts and other paperwork from non-network care. You’ll need to submit them with any claims for reimbursement after you get back.