Enrolling in Boeing benefits

To enroll in Kaiser Permanente health coverage, make changes, or determine eligibility, contact your benefits advisor/coordinator.

Boeing annual enrollment begins November 2 and ends November 23 at 11:59 p.m. Central time

Beginning November 2, go to Your Benefit Resources and use the tools to help you compare your options and choose coverage that best fits your needs. To enroll, access Worklife from work or home. If you access Worklife from home, go to boeing.service-now.com/worklife and log in using your BEMSID and Worklife password. Once on Worklife, click “My Health & Insurance Benefits” in the Quick access box to learn more about your benefit options and enroll.

For more information and annual enrollment questions

Call the Worklife Care Team at 1-866-473-2016 and have your BEMSID and Worklife phone PIN available. When prompted, say “annual enrollment.”

Retiree Annual Enrollment Resources

When you terminated employment By phone Online via Your Benefits Resources
Before 2011 Call the Boeing Service Center for Health and Insurance at 1-866-504-4256 and follow the prompts. Go to digital.alight.com/boeing and enter your unique username and password to access Your Benefits Resources.
During or after 2011 Call the Worklife Care Team at 1-866-473-2016 and follow the prompts. Be sure to have your BEMSID and your Worklife phone PIN.

Log on to Worklife at boeing.service-now.com/worklife, select Worklife from Home using your BEMSID and Worklife password. Then, click “My Health & Insurance Benefits” in the Quick access box to access Your Benefits Resources.

Get started with Kaiser Permanente

For current members

If you are a current Kaiser Permanente Washington member and you are changing plans, your member number will not change, and if you are registered for online services, your access will not be disrupted. You may receive a new ID card if you switch to a plan with a different provider network, like from Core to Virtual Plus. If you have questions about your current membership, please call Member Services at 1-877-832-9919.

For new members

Kaiser Permanente Washington provides the no-hassle way to better health. After you’re enrolled, you’ll have all the support you need to get started.

Our New Member Welcome Team is here to guide you as you transition your care. In your first few weeks as a member, you’ll receive a welcome call and a member guide with important numbers, information on accessing primary, specialty, emergency, mental health, urgent care, and more. You will also receive member ID cards for you and your covered family members.

To get started, here are the 3 steps to take:

  • Register for online services
  • Transfer your prescriptions
  • Find a doctor

Once you have your member ID card and member number, you can register for our online services, where you can transfer and refill prescriptions, view coverage documents, and pay bills. These services are available to all members, regardless of where you get care. If you receive care from a Kaiser Permanente doctor or care team, you can also schedule appointments, e-mail your provider’s office with nonurgent questions, access your medical record, and see lab results.

Once you are registered, you'll have access to our live online chat service. Use this feature to chat with a care provider about a medical concern 24/7, with a pharmacist about a prescription, or with Member Services. Chat and other features are also available through our mobile app.

It’s easy to transfer your prescriptions so your treatment is uninterrupted. Call us for help at 1-206-630-0029 or 1-888-844-4607. Or register online and create an account to transfer your prescriptions yourself. After your prescriptions are transferred, you can save time and gas with our mail-order pharmacy.

Having a provider you can connect with is important for you and your family. Our online provider profiles let you browse among many excellent providers and convenient locations in your area. View providers here or call us for help.

If you or a family member are dealing with a health issue, you might want extra help transitioning your care. Call the New Member Welcome Team at 1-206-630-0029 or 1-888-844-4607 (TTY 711) for support if:

  • You have a scheduled surgery
  • You’re taking a prescription drug or using medical equipment
  • You’re pregnant and receiving prenatal care
  • You’re following an established treatment plan
  • A health provider is working with you to manage a medical condition