Welcome to care that fits your life

Your health care plan with Kaiser Permanente Washington is a partnership in health. It connects you to a group of doctors and other clinicians, services, and tools designed to help keep you healthy. Learn how our integrated care and coverage works by viewing this short video:

Quality care starts with quality doctors

We hire and train our own doctors, and they are all held to the same quality standards. You can select a provider that works best for you, and you can change at any time.

Find information on a wide range of high-quality providers, including their education, credentials, and specialties, through our Provider Directory.

Coordinated and connected care

Your doctor, nurses, and specialists work together as a team. They’re connected to each other, and to you, through your electronic health record. They know your medical history, test results, medications, and allergies. So you get personalized care.

Preventive care to help keep you healthy

Prevention plays a vital role in health care. To catch problems early, we offer screenings, routine appointments, and more. Your electronic health record tracks the services you get and reminds your doctor when you’re due for care.

Care when you need it

We’re here for you if you get sick. You get great providers, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest technology to help you recover quickly. If you have a condition, such as diabetes or heart disease, we’ll work with you to manage it using proven best practices and treatment guidelines.