Plan perks

Take advantage of healthy extras included with your Kaiser Permanente Washington Boeing Virtual Plus health plan to help you live better.

Wellness resources

Explore our broad range of self-care resources—apps, audio activities, articles, and more—designed to help you thrive in mind, body, and spirit.

Fitness programs and discounts

Get discounts on fitness centers nationwide, activity trackers, fitness gear and clothing, and home exercise and gym equipment.

Healthy lifestyle programs

Need motivation or help in making lifestyle changes to help you feel better? Things like managing your weight, quitting smoking, reducing stress, sleeping better, or feeling healthier? As a Kaiser Permanente member, you have access to the Better Choices, Better Health online program, which offers you a variety of healthy lifestyle programs tailored to give you the tools and support you need.

Classes and support groups

Join a Kaiser Permanente class or support group and find other community resources.

Tobacco cessation programs

Quit for good. If you smoke or use other forms of tobacco and are thinking about quitting, Kaiser Permanente highly recommends the Quit For Life® Program. The program has been carefully developed and tested to provide the tools you need to be successful. The proven Quit For Life® Program offers an individual phone-based program and includes a Web Coach® online tool.

This program is covered in full under your Kaiser Permanente Washington Boeing Virtual Plus health plan.

Health information library

The Healthwise® Knowledgebase is your one-stop health resource for health topics, medications, interactive tools, and more.

Wellness coaching

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or reduce stress, personalized wellness coaching by phone can give you the support you need to make it happen through personalized action plans and one-on-one support.