Connected care

Kaiser Permanente combines care and coverage — which makes us different than your other health care options.

Your doctors, hospitals, and health plan work together to make exceptional health care easy to get. That means you’ll have peace of mind knowing care for your total health is there when and where you need it — from your doctor’s office to your living room.

Personalized for you

At Kaiser Permanente, your personal doctor is the biggest advocate for your health. Your doctor will help coordinate the care you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

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Preventive care

Preventive care is key to how we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente. It can help you avoid health issues and catch others before they become serious.
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Specialty care

No matter your needs — mental health, maternity and fertility care, transgender services, and more — you'll have access to great doctors, advanced technology, and evidence-based care to help you recover quickly.
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Support for ongoing conditions

If you have a condition like diabetes or heart disease, you're automatically enrolled in a disease management program for personal coaching and support.
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Care in your language

Our doctors and caregivers provide culturally responsive care in many different languages to serve our diverse membership.

Industry-leading clinical quality

We’re known for catching problems early with preventive care. But if your health needs serious attention, our world-class specialty care has you covered.

In 2021, Kaiser Permanente led the nation as the top performer in 42 effectiveness-of-care measures. The closest national competitor led in only 14.1

The measures include:

  • Prevention and screening
  • Comprehensive diabetes care
  • Mental health
  • Respiratory care

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1 Kaiser Permanente 2020 HEDIS® scores. Benchmarks provided by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Quality Compass® and represent all lines of business. Kaiser Permanente combined region scores were provided by the Kaiser Permanente Department of Care and Service Quality. The source for data contained in this publication is Quality Compass 2020 and is used with the permission of NCQA. Quality Compass 2020 includes certain CAHPS data. Any data display, analysis, interpretation, or conclusion based on these data is solely that of the authors, and NCQA specifically disclaims responsibility for any such display, analysis, interpretation, or conclusion. Quality Compass® and HEDIS® are registered trademarks of NCQA. CAHPS® is a registered trademark of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.