Care at Kaiser Permanente is different

As one of America’s leading, nonprofit health plans, we deliver nationally recognized, integrated care — an approach originated by Kaiser Permanente. Integrated care is where doctors, pharmacists, and your entire care team share important information about you through an electronic health record. For example, if you see a specialist, have a hospitalization, a new test or a procedure, all the providers involved in your care — including your primary care provider — are informed.* This helps them coordinate every aspect of your care — so you don’t have to.

We believe you shouldn’t have to manage your care among different doctors, pharmacies, labs, and imaging centers. That’s our job.

Personalized for you

At Kaiser Permanente, your personal doctor is the biggest advocate for your health. Your doctor will help coordinate the care you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

kp-aon-why1 Preventive care
Preventive care is key to how we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente. It can help you avoid health issues and catch others before they become serious.
kp-aon-why2 Specialty care
No matter your needs — mental health, maternity and fertility care, transgender services, and more — you'll have access to great doctors, advanced technology, and evidence-based care to help you recover quickly.
kp-aon-why3 Support for ongoing conditions
If you have a condition like diabetes or heart disease, you're automatically enrolled in a disease management program for personal coaching and support.
kp-aon-why4 Care in your language
Our doctors and caregivers provide culturally responsive care in many different languages to serve our diverse membership.

Industry-leading clinical quality

Our doctors are known for catching problems early with preventive care. But, as one of the largest multispecialty groups in Colorado, if your health needs require specialized care, we have expert providers across many specialties who will create a personalized plan for your care.


* Available when you received care from Kaiser Permanente medical offices.

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