Getting Care

From routine care and advice to accessing a specialist, pharmacy services, and supportive care services, Kaiser Permanente Washington has the tools and resources to support you and your health needs.

Routine care and care advice

We know your schedule is packed with work and family responsibilities, so we make getting health care as convenient and flexible as possible. Many of our flexible care options are accessible whether you seek care at a Kaiser Permanente medical facility or not.

24/7 Care Chat

Chat online with a Kaiser Permanente provider to get immediate care, treatment, and prescriptions, if necessary. Must be 18 years or older. Parents can chat for children, with some privacy restrictions for teens. You can also sign in to your secure account and schedule an appointment at our medical facilities.

Online visits

Go online for a quick diagnosis for common conditions and prescriptions. This service is available 7 days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and you'll hear back from a provider within 2 hours.

24/7 advice line

If you have an injury or troubling symptoms when our offices aren’t open, you can call our advice line at 1-800-297-6877 or 206-630-2244. Clinicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They will assess your situation and help you decide on next steps — whether that’s self-care, an appointment with a provider, a visit to a nearby walk-in clinic, or a trip to the nearest emergency facility.

Walk-in clinics

Find hours for walk-in clinics at our medical facilities in Everett, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, and Riverfront in Spokane. No appointment is needed.

Office visits

Call your personal provider’s office to schedule routine visits for preventive care or to discuss symptoms or health issues. At Kaiser Permanente, we’ll make every effort to get you an appointment with your personal provider at a convenient time. You can also sign in to your secure account and schedule an appointment at our medical facilities.

Email your doctor

If you get your care from Kaiser Permanente doctors and care teams, you can sign in to your secure account and email your provider’s office with nonurgent medical questions, and get a response within 2 business days.

Women’s health care

In addition to having a personal provider, women can self-refer to women’s health care providers for routine reproductive health care, gynecological care, maternity care, and general preventive care such as Pap tests and breast exams. Women’s health care providers include specialty doctors such as gynecologists and obstetricians, and physician assistants or nurse practitioners specializing in women’s health.

On the go?

Try the Kaiser Permanente Washington mobile app. Access the secure member services from your smartphone once you’ve registered and signed in. Use your member number and password to activate the app, and you’ll be ready to use the secure features anytime.*

*Note that Kaiser Permanente has numerous apps for downloading, but you’ll want the Kaiser Permanente Washington app with WA prominently highlighted.

Specialty care

Through your health plan, you have access to a variety of specialty care services, including mental health and alternative care such as chiropractic and massage therapy. When you need specialty care or services, your primary care provider can recommend a specialist in your plan, or you can choose another network specialist if you are on a Summit PPO plan. At Kaiser Permanente medical facilities, you can see many specialists without a referral. Check your Evidence of Coverage for details.

To learn more about providers near you, call Member Services or go to

Getting prescriptions filled

Members can fill the first prescription for a new medication at an in-network pharmacy or through our mail-order service. Then most refills and maintenance medications must be filled through mail order.

Maintenance drugs are used on a continuing basis for the treatment of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. The maintenance drug list is available here on the member website: Maintenance Drug List

For detailed information, visit Pharmacy Services.

Virtual care is offered when appropriate and available. If you travel out of state, virtual care could be limited due to state laws that may prevent doctors from providing care across state lines. Laws differ by state.