Before You Go

Planning a trip outside the United States? Our Travel Advisory Service offers health advice tailored to your destinations, activities, and medical history. The appointments are phone consultations with our travel nurses who are certified by the International Society of Travel Medicine and work under the direction of Kaiser Permanente's Infectious Disease physicians. We recommend your consultation be scheduled at least 4 to 6 weeks before departure to plan for recommended vaccinations and medications. However, even if you are leaving soon, the nurse can help you get needed travel vaccinations and medications.

While You're Traveling

Need care while traveling? Call Member Services. They can help you find the closest in-network care option, whether you're traveling within the United States or internationally.

Emergency and urgent care

No matter what health plan you have, you're covered for emergency and urgent care when you're away from the Kaiser Permanente Washington region.

If you have a medical emergency while traveling within the U.S., call 911 or the local emergency assistance number immediately. Then within 24 hours or as soon as reasonably possible, call our Hospital Notification Line for the United States at 1-888-457-9516 (206-901-4609), option 3 and option 4, so we can follow up on your care.

If you have been hospitalized outside the United States and need assistance, call our international Hospital Notification Line at 1-888-457-9516 (206-901-4609), option 2.